Lee Auto Prime XR Hand Priming Tool
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The Lee Auto Prime XR Hand Priming Tool is the updated version of a time tested classic.  The XR has been designed to work with every brand of primer and features the patent pending "elevator pin" which safely separates a single primer from the tray reducing the likelihood of tray detonation.  The XR uses the same body and shellholders as the original but the rest of the components have been improved or replaced.  Some of the upgrades include an unbreakable comfort curve lever and large square trays that accept all brands of primer boxes with slide on covers for large or small primers.  

  • This tool requires the use of Lee Auto Prime Shellholders (sold separately).  It will not work with standard shellholders.
  • Material on the collar of tool must be removed to prime Winchester Short Magnum brass and Winchester Super Shot Magnum brass (#5 shellholder).
  • Item #: lee xr prime
  • Manufacturer: Lee

Lee Auto Prime XR Hand Priming Tool

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