Trapshooting Techniques  (Author Clyde Martz)
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This book provides a detailed process of shooting trap from both an
elementary and advanced point of view. It includes gun selection, choke
selection, fitting the gun to the shooter, methods of recoil reduction,
reloading and ammunition suggestions, stance, mounting the gun, where to hold on
the traphouse, gun swing and motion to the bird. It also provides a detailed
discussion on how to concentrate and how to attain an aggressive positive mental
attitude to the game. Included is how to look for the bird and how to establish
the proper bird bead relationship at the time of shooting. In addition, the
author provides a step by step summary in the last chapter of what you should do
to be successful in the sport of trapshooting.
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Trapshooting Techniques (Author Clyde Martz)

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